When Jeff Zimbalist got a call from from his good friend Matt Mochary, he didn’t know his life was about to change. Mochary was calling from a favela (slum) in Rio de Janeiro to tell Zimbalist he had found a story the two of them had to make into film, about a movement in Rio called Afroreggae, and the two men behind the movement, Anderson Sa and Jose Junior. Zimbalist quit his job and flew to Brazil, and the two friends spent the next two years filming the story of the Afroreggae movement. The resulting documentary, Favela Rising, is on the Oscar shortlist for Best Documentary and shared International Documentary Association top honors with another film. Cinematical interviewed Mochary and Zimbalist recently about their film, the Afroreggae movement, and how making Favela Rising has changed their lives. This is Part One of the interview, with Jeff Zimbalist. Part Two, with Matt Mochary, will be published tomorrow.