Mandy Moore shows up to introduce The Squid and the Whale, which has emerged tonight as the Secret Cinematical Favorite of the night. And then quickly on to Clint Eastwood, who congratulates the nominees before presenting Best Director. Of course, Woody is absent, and Pete Jackson smiles like he knows he doesn't have a chance.

Damn it – my theory is shot, and Ang Lee wins. He says that he sometimes gets too uptight to enjoy other films, but this year, he's so appreciative of other works of American cinema that the award actually means something. Which I guess is nice. He's quite flustered, obviously affected by the honor. He thanks his editor, who he says he forgot to thank five years ago when winning for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

This is a big blow for ... well, everyone else nominated, but especially Woody and Clooney. It means that, generally, no one has much of a chance of beating Brokeback at the Oscars. At least, that's my take. And yours?
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