Wow, is it me or did the awards fly by this year? And it looks like they're coming in right on time with the Best Picture - Drama award handed out right at about 11pm. Good job production! Biggest story tomorrow? I think it should go to Drew Barrymore's bra-less dress, but that's me.

Denzel comes out looking fine (what, guys can dig Denzel!) and, not surprisingly, Brokeback Mountain takes home the award. I'm sure some will feel this award was only given out in some sort of politically motivated move. However, after watching the film last night, it totally deserves it. Congrats to Ang Lee for winning Best Director and congrats to everyone involved. If I were AnTony Hopkins (seriously, why did Gwyneth pronounce his name like that?), I'd probably wanna thank the guys who hold the wires late at night. Good guys.

Holy crap, they finished early. And I finished by winning my last few picks. Hey, if we can take anything away from these awards this year, I think we should expect about a dozen gay cowboy flicks to go into production within the next few months. What say you?

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