As if the official Golden Globes remix of that eggregiously awful Pussycat Dolls song wasn't a bad enough intro, they've forced Queen Laitfah to come out dancing to it. Then, reading from a script obviously not updated since 2pm, she mistakenly took credit for the weekend's number two film. Sigh. Was it too late to change the teleprompter?

Natalie Portman - looking like Winona Ryder in Alien 4 – and Adrien Brody prance on to pass out the Supporting Acting awards. Actor's first, and Erik nails it – George Clooney wins.

"I thought Paul Giamatti was gonna win ... this is early. I haven't had a drink yet." He continues: "I want to thank Jack Abramoff ... you know, just because. First one up, get the ball rolling."

As for Best Supporting Actress, my long shot candidate, Rachel Weisz takes it - indicating that this could be an interesting evening. Especially since two highly politically charged films have taken the first two awards. She thanks Meirelles for "basically taking a bunch of rich white people into Kenya" - and I start re-evaluating my entire slate of pic
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