Okay, so, Erik already beat me to it with his picks, and as far as Best Supporting Actress goes,  I've already been proven wrong. But here are a couple of other places where I, um, beg to differ:

  • Best Actress - Drama - Erik picked  Ziyi Zhang, and I don't think she's got a shot. In fact, I think the only plausible winner here is Felicity Huffman. If she doesn't win, I'll let Cinematical readers pick some kind of embarrassing punishment for me.
  • Best Picture - Musical or Comedy-  I WISH Erik was right about The Squid and the Whale winning this, but, sadly, I think it's more likely to go to Walk the Line, which has been a huge hit for Fox, and which will take at least one acting award tonight.
  • Best Director - Ang Lee? Nope. He's won Globes before, but even his actors have said that Brokeback is a triumph of acting and writing – his hand isn't visible enough for him to win. I say it's gonna go to Clooney – if for no other reason, than that the HFPA loves a pretty face.
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