Wearing the ugliest dress of the evening - a pale yellow number with sleeves and a neckline that would be unflattering on anyone - Gwyneth Paltrow is presenting the Cecil B. DeMille award to Anthony Hopkins. He's looking very ruddy and a bit frightened, which is probably how most people react to a close encounter with Gwyn. Lord, could there be anything more awkward than sitting in front of a room full of people, watching yourself on a big screen while in a spotlight and on TV? What an utter nightmare. Hopkins is dealing with it by not moving, even to blink. As good an approach as any, probably. Confirmed: he's a good actor. Objection: no focus on Nixon, which features what is possibly his best performance.

They saved The Silence of the Lambs for a clip feature of its own, calling Hannibal Lecter "The greatest villain the screen has ever known." Uh, wow. That's quite an assertion, Hollywood Foreign Press. Darth Vader would strangle you from across the room for much less than that.

Aw. A very classy speech from Sir Anthony, with a chunk of very thoughtful thanks for the film crews, who "work harder than anyone...lugging those cables around at nighttime." Is that the first time anyone's ever slowed the speech-giving down enough to thank those people? Very nice.
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