A second The X Files movie has been discussed for a long, long time; at this point, it's just one of those ever-present rumors that doesn't actually mean anything anymore. But wait - all hope is not lost! According to Gillian Anderson, though the whole sequel thing has "become a bit messy" (it's to do with "rights issues," apparently), she, co-star David Duchovny, and creator/writer Chris Carter "are determined to do it." Hmm. Well, for X-Philes I'm sure that's reassuring  - but how far can determination can get you when you don't have the necessary rights to get the movie made? Plus, as Anderson points out, at some point people are just not going to give a crap. No really - I know it's hard to believe that the day will come, but when we have flying cars, Mulder and Scully will just not be an issue. Not only that, but even if people still care, watching the two of them sitting in an old folks home, talking aliens, just won't be the same. So they best get on it, dammit.
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