• geisha.jpgOriginally scheduled to open January 9 in Beijing, it now looks like Memoirs of a Geishamay not open in China at all. The film was ostensibly pushed back to February 10, but sources say that title is absent from China Film Group's planned distribution list for the next three months. Rumors have been swirling that a sex scene has the country's censorship board squirming. A Sony exec confirmed that the scene was being shaved, with the intention of releasing the picture sometime in February, but likely sometime after the earlier stated date. Geisha's opening in China has been hyped for months: the first major American film with a cast full of Asian actors to debut on the Mainland, many saw it as a test to see what, if anything, could bring audiences spoiled by easily accessible bootlegs back to the theaters.
  • What took so long? A new venture called Media Matchmakers has been set up to align companies looking for product placement deals with appropriate film and TV productions based on demographics. From now until March 1st, all users can join the service for free; in six weeks, a monthly subscription fee will kick in.
  • Romanian actor Ion Fiscuteanu won an award at the Palm Springs Film Festival last weekend, for his starring role in one of our 2005 favorites, The Death of Mr. Lazarescu. The festival opened with one of the first screenings of the recut version of Terrence Malick's The New World.
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