goldenglobes.jpgIt's bad enough that the Golden Globes seem satisfied with being the exta shallow, tacky version of the already eggregiously shallow and tacky Academy Awards – why must NBC hammer home the point with their skin-crawlingly awful theme songs. Every year, they're bad, but this year's intro song – a take-off on the Pussycat Dolls' Dontcha – was grossly embarassing. Josh Horowitz actually took the time to trascribe the lyrics, and we're going to withold judgement on what would compel someone to do such a thing, because really – the words themselves are so very painful, it's almost like by posting them on his blog, he's providing somekind of a public service. This is like the Holocaust Museum of awards show coverage. Here's an excerpt; go here for the whole thing.

Hannibal Lecter is licking his lips to taste the Cecil B,
This guy’s a riot
He’s a riot
Funny worldwide
Funny worldwide
I hope that this cast that’s known as Lost can find their seats inside
Don’t ya dig the bling on the robes tonight?
Don’t ya want to come to the Globes tonight?

Excuse me a sec ... I have to go clean up the blood that just came spurting out of my eyes.
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