In today's X-update we hear from Rebecca Romijn, who returns to the X-franchise as Mystique. Rebecca recently chatted with Sci Fi Wire regarding her optimism for the third flick, and the merits of Ratner as a director. According to her, Ratner brings a completely different style to the table (nothing unexpected there), bringing a much higher level of energy to the production."Bryan sort of quietly orchestrates how the scenes work, and Brett is very exuberant and over-the-top." She adds that she is looking forward to seeing the film put together for the first time just like the average American moviegoer – because of the large amount of computer generated effects and the like being inserted into the film after shooting, Rebecca says she has no solid idea of what the final product will look like. As for her own parts, she says that her role in the third film is roughly the same size as her roles in the previous two, accurately noting that with a primary cast in the double digits, it is tough for anyone to grab large amounts of screen time.

I'm eager (although in a somewhat hesitant and negative sense) to see what Ratner does with the film. I enjoyed the first two as fun popcorn flicks, but like most fans I have some serious reservations for the third installment in the franchise. I guess we'll find out on May 26, neh?

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