A quick one-two punch regarding upcoming sequels to two Marvel titles...

  • Speculation continues to run rampant regarding the durability of the X-Men franchise.  There's no doubt that if the films continue to be successful, the Suits will continue to be interested- but will the actors? Without the return of key characters, any sequel hopes could be dashed. The lastest news on this front comes from Vinnie Jones, the man behind Juggernaught, who discussed his contract on an Irish television program recently.  According to Vinnie, he has signed up for episodes 4, 5, and 6...which at least leaves open the obvious possilities for more films. 
  • Slightly less noteworthy to the general masses (but slightly more interesting to yours truly) is a comment left by a recent poster on ThomasJane.com's message board. According to the poster, he and a buddy were lucky enough to meet Tom himself in a hotel lobby recently. The poster says Tom was incredibly nice, and informed him that shooting for The Punisher sequel was set to begin this summer.


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