Shawn Levvy has declared his upcoming fantasy film Night at the Museum to be a love story to museums everywhere, and recently shared his excitement to begin shooting New York's famous Museum of Natural History- certainly one of the best possible locations for such a movie to be filmed. Levvy will begin production on his film in a week, and has several days of shooting at the Museum planned for stars Ben Stiller and Carla Gugino. Shooting will then move to an interior constructed set in Vancouver. He indicated that because the film portrays museums in such a positive light, the NY Museum of Natural History has been "really, really open and accessible." The CG heavy film promises to make for an interesting action adventure within the Museum while avoiding any danger to the actual historic building.

I'm oddly intrigued by this flick. Ben Stiller is a highly amusing actor, although his past work has taught us his presence alone is certainly not always enough to promise a good flick. I think the plot shows some good action-comedy potential, at least as a fun entertainment flick. I don't expect showstopping moments or groundbreaking new cinema, but I do hope for an entertaining two hours. Thoughts?

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