I know, I know – we sound like a bunch of Chicken Littles with the way we keep extending the deadline on this video contest. But this time, it's for real – if you want to submit an entry, it has to arrive by tomorrow morning, 8 AM EST. No exceptions. Because at 8:01, I'm hoping on the Cinematical Private Jet, and at that point, all bets will be off. Here, once again, are the rules and regs:

  • The intro must be between 10 and 30 seconds long.
  • It must be original content produced by you. Incorporated images and audio not created by you must fall under fair use. Basically, if we think your video could get us into legal trouble, it will be disqualified.
  • Animation is cool. So are sock puppets.
  • Finished entries should be posted on your own site, and you must send a link through this form by 8am Thursday January 18
  • Prizes include free exposure on a video podcast that will be pimped all over several Time Warner properties, and thus seen by somewhere in between 5 and 5 billion people
  • We cannot give you our logo or title files, but you're welcome to mimic them. Or not.
  • Anything incorporating the phrase "Cinematical Sucks" will be immediately disqualified. Unless it's REALLY funny.
Questions? Comment away before the pod doors close.