IESB snatched an brief interview with Brandon Routh at the INSTYLE/Warner Bros. Golden Globes after party and the Man of Steele had a few interesting things to say about Superman Returns, its possible sequels and he even fit in some Batman vs Superman talk. Man, could you imagine how bad that would be?

On Superman Returns' plot, Routh confirms that, upon his return to earth (after ditching girlfriend Lois Lane without any explanation), there's a ton of mending to be done between the two. I get the sense there will be a lot more "heartwarming relationship speak" in this film than in previous Superman flicks where the romance angle was more comedic than serious. He also noted that Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) will be the only villain in the film.

As far as any Superman sequels go, Routh was hesitant to say that he was firmly signed on to do at least two more. It seems as if the studio wants to see how well it does first before committing. Hmm, Warner Brothers sounds like every ex-girlfriend I've ever had; if the sex is good and the paycheck is large, then franchise that sucker, stat! However, Routh said he's definitely down for another go-round. Towards the end of the interview, the rumor about a Batman vs. Superman script floating around town was brought up. Routh claimed that he'd have to see the script and felt Superman shouldn't really be fighting Batman in the first place. They're meant to save the world, not battle one another. From your mouth, through the studio's ears and into our hearts Brandon. All the way.

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