Hoping to tap once again into the giant audiences that flocked to their The Chronicles of Narnia, Walden Media has acquired the rights to Peruvian novelist Isabel Allende's Alexander Cold trilogy, a popular series among young adult readers. The first installment, City of the Beasts, is set in the Amazon, where the 15-year-old Cold is spending the summer with his grandma - she just happens to be an "archaeologist...in search of mythical animals." Cold, along with his 12-year-old companion, is kidnapped by "the People of the Mist and enter[s] a mountain to discover the mythical city of El Dorado and the enigmatic Beasts." Good lord - that's quite a summer.

Clearly, Walden has high hopes for this series - the books are best-sellers that the company not accidentally describes as "thrilling fantasy epics...in the grand tradition of The Chronicles of Narnia." Not leaving anything to chance, however, they've gone again to HarperCollins (the publisher of the Narnia series, with which Walden collaborated extensively on promotion) for source material, and have hired Barrie Osborne to produce. Why Barrie Osborne? Well, among his credits is a trilogy you might have heard of - does The Lord of the Rings ring any bells?
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