I don't think I'm the only one who intends every year to track down and watch the Oscar-nominated shorts - the clips they show at the ceremony are always tantalizing, but then it's such a struggle to find most of them that I rarely managed to follow through. Starting this summer, though, my task is going to get a lot easier, at least when it comes to Disney shorts. According to a rather exciting report over at Cartoon Brew, later this year, Disney will start to offer all of their Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated shorts for download at iTunes. And, for people who want to own more than a handful of the toons, Disney will simultaneously be releasing a DVD set of the same material.

What a cool idea - I hope other studios realize that this is a great way to get some of their best, often rarely-seen work in front of the public, and see fit to follow Disney's lead .

[via TUAW]