Here's a quickie about the latest comic book property to be picked up by a studio. Today's update: Mandate Pictures has acquired the rights to the children's comic book series The Ghouly Boys. The kiddie-eqsue comic tells the ever familiar story of outsiders having trouble fitting in with other kids- a very kid media familiar topic. The outsiders in this tale, however, are a bit more than just the nerdy kid or the smart kid or the kid with different hair- they are - a wolf boy, a kid zombie, a young sea monster and the son of the boogeyman. There is also a pet bat who can't fly thrown into the mix for good measure.

Anyone out there in readerland familiar with this property? It sounds like a passibly entertaining children's story, but I really don't know enough about it to make a proper assessment. Throw us a comment if you do.

[via cinescape]

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