John Singleton has agreed to direct Without Remorse, the latest film version of a Tom Clancy novel. Singleton will also write the screenplay for the movie, which is about a CIA operative (and ex-Navy SEAL) named John Kelly. Though the character was played by Willem Dafoe in Clear and Present Danger, Singleton is "looking to cast a young and athletic actor who can grow with the picture." (Willem, don't wait by the phone.) Also attached to the project is former super-agent, CAA founder, and Disney COO Michael Ovitz who both once represented Singleton and also owns the rights to the book. He'll be producing the film for Paramount.

There's nothing better than well-made action movie, and the success of the Bourne series makes it clear that audiences still love the genre. Singleton's statements about Without Remorse make it clear that he doesn't plan to stray far from the conventions set by the Jack Ryan movies, which shouldn't upset Paramount too much - given the money those movies made, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel with this one.
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