Although it's not a crucial blow, Harrison Ford has set a firm deadline (according to Contact Music) and was quoted as saying, "if it doesn't happen in the next two years we should all forget about it." However, he does offer some more promising info alluding to the fact that the project is "looking very good" and Ford hasn't felt "this positive about it happening in a long time."

I assume that's a good thing, right? But the fact that those involved are still questioning everything doesn't sit so well with me. Not too long ago producer Frank Marshall said Indy 4 was going into production after The Bourne Ultimatum (which starts shooting in August), meaning Jones won't go until at least early 2007. That's one year. And what if the script still needs more work? What if there are scheduling conflicts? We're talking about four (Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Frank Marshall and Harrison Ford) pretty important people here. All these factors could push the project back even further, forcing it closer to Ford's 2-year ultimatum.

What does it all mean? Well, if things don't seriously start heating up soon, Marshall may leave one ultimatum only to be faced with another. Though it's a bit premature, why do I feel like we'll eventually wind up with Indiana Jones And The Film That Was Never Made?


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