For his follow-up to the tepidly received comedy Fun with Dick and Jane, Jim Carrey will make one of his periodic forays into the world of drama, as the star of Joel Schumacher's The Number 23. The film, described as "psychological thriller," is the story of a man who, upon reading an "obscure book" called The Number 23, becomes convinced that the book is about him. His obsession with the book and number escalates "to the point that he...realizes that the book forecasts far graver consequences for his life than he could ever have imagined." Oooooh.

Despite the fact that the IMDB lists the film as completed, it's only just finalizing its cast and won't even start shooting until Monday. Though Elisabeth Shue was originally cast as Carrey's wife, she's about to be replaced (presumably because she's pregnant) by Sideways star Virginia Madsen. Also just added was Rhona Mitra, who will play "Suicide Girl," a character from the book.

While the story sounds potentially interesting, the presence of Schumacher is a wild card at best - when was the last time he made a tight, solid thriller?

[via Cinema Blend]
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