Normally, we wouldn't write about such ridiculous things, but this one is just dying to be made fun of. Apparently, William Shatner has finally auctioned off his kidney stone, successfully, to the highest bidder. snagged it  for $25 grand and the money will go straight to the charity, Habitat for Humanity; which builds houses for those in need.

Captain Kirk claimed the stone was so big, one would want to wear it on their finger. Are you serious? Who in their right mind would want to wear William Shatner's kidney stone on their finger. Strike that - who in their right mind would spend thousands of dollars to purchase the thing in the first place? is notoriously known for shelling out the big bucks to obtain odd things (a partially eaten cheese sandwich said to show the face of the Virgin Mary)in order to get their site's name in the papers for a couple days straight.

The original offer was for $15 grand, however Shatner turned it down thinking Star Trek fans were nutty enough to shell out $100 grand. I guess there were no intergalactic bites, since he let go of the stone for only $25 grand. As our sister site TV Squad points out, why didn't he hold out longer? Or was he just waiting for the online casino site to call his bluff? Please, if you're a huge Star Trek fan and would actually want this kidney stone for some absurd reason, comment here and let us know how or why it turns you on.



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