Earlier this month, we reported that star Eric Bana was not interested in making a sequel to Hulk, and mentioned that speculation was now focused on the likelihood of a direct-to-DVD release of that sequel - if it happened. Well, the latest rumors seem to confirm both: the film will not be release in theaters, and that Bana will not star. Who will fill the green body paint? Well, several different sources are reporting that David Duchovny might just be interested in doing a little smashing.

According to a report at AICN, Marvel's Vice-Chairman has been dropping Duchovny's name when asked about the project, describing the actor as a fan of the original. Since this is the sort of thing that will not lie quiet, we'll probably find out very soon if the actor actually knows anything about the sequel or not.

I don't know enough about the character of The Hulk to even speculate about what this casting would mean, but I'm sure some of you guys do - have at it.

Update: The latest news suggests that maybe it won't be straight to DVD. Expect totally new rumors by tomorrow morning.
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