Do you loveStar Wars? Can you write/direct/produce short films? Then have I got the link for you. Aspiring filmmakers with a passion for the galaxy far, far away are once again encouraged to take up their cameras and get to work, as the call goes out for the 2006 Star Wars Fan Film contest. In the past, this contest has produced some real gems (many of which can be seen on the linked site) and given the creators some real exposure. Prizes include $2,000 cash, a custom Fan Film Awards trophy from Lucasfilm (that looks like a solid gold statue of R2D2 and C3P0) and Official recognition at Comic-Con and on the and Fan Film Awards websites-including a taped message from George Lucas announcing the winner. It also includes some serious geek cred.

I'm not kidding you when I say that alot of these entries have been very, very good. Funny, technically proficient, and just downright impressive. Winners are picked in a variety of categories, which allows for entries with less technical ability to win on the merits of their creativity. This contest is always alot of fun to watch- if you've got the time and the talent (mixed with a healthy dose of SW obsession) I would encourage you to get involved. You've got until May 23 to get submit an entry.