The Star Wars Trilogy in 30 Minutes is just what it sounds like: a play that takes the first three movies (and by "first" I mean "made earliest") in the series and distills them down into a half-hour of hilarity. It debuted way back in 1999 at Edinburgh's Fringe Festival and eventually made its way to the US, where it not only played to rave reviews, but also won the official approval of George Lucas himself. And now, finally, the logical result has occurred: the creators have a movie deal. (Though, in a rare sign of studio restraint, it's NOT for a 90 minutes version of a 30 minute play. Thank God for small favors.)

Jason Major and Patrick T. Gorman have signed a deal to write How Soon is Now for Universal, based on the pitch of the movie. The film, which is a comedy, will tell the story of "a man...who travels back in time to his high school days in 1985. There he tries to fix the worst three days of his life in order to give himself a better future." Ah. So what you're telling me, basically, is that Back to the Future 4 is going to happen after all? Sweet!
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