When it opened on Friday, Hoodwinked received incredibly mixed reviews - critics either hated it with a passion, though it was genius, or didn't really care. Undaunted by the bizarrely mixed opinions, however, people went to see the movie, and it finished the weekend with just shy of the top spot at the box office (according to the latest counts), bringing in nearly $17 million. And now, since it cost less than $20 million to make, it's no surprise that Hoodwinked 2 is already in the works. Though the movie's end perfectly sets up a sequel, the team behind it (brothers Cory and Todd Edwards and Tony Leech) say that part two will actually be more focused on "back story and subplots" rather than going forward from where Hoodwinked ends. In addition to the animated sequel, the trio is also working on a handful of projects that involve actual humans.

Since they freely admit that Hoodwinked came less out of passion for the story or animation and more out of a desire to get a foot in the door - according to Todd Edwards, the hardest thing about making Hoodwinked was "Putting all the projects that we really wanted to do on hold" - it'll be interesting to see what the sequel does for the filmmakers. If they end up being pigeon-holed as clever animators, they may never get to those other projects.

[via JoBlo]
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