As Whitney at Pop Candy rightly points out, the early "teaser" that went up at the Dreamgirls website was a complete ripoff made up of unmoving female shapes, groovy music, sequins, and blue light. So little happened that it wasn't even worthy of the "teaser" label - and you know that's gotta be bad. Now, though, there's finally something worth watching up on the website.

While behind-the-scenes footage is often a synonym for "throwaway crap," at this point we're so desperate for a glimpse at the movie that behind-the-scenes stuff actually sounds like a gift from the gods. Though nothing, you know, actually happens in the footage, we do finally get to see Beyoncé in a couple of wigs (she looks gorgeous, as usual, and exactly like a fake Supreme should), former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson gushing (we know the girl can sing, but I'm a little worried about the whole acting thing), Eddie Murphy in hilarious clothes (thankfully, he doesn't sing), and Jamie Foxx in costume and dancing, if only for a split second (it surprised me, but he looks perfect).

So, if you need something to tide you over until the next crumb, go check it out. Otherwise, get comfortable - the film won't be released until December 22. (Sniff sniff - is that Oscar bait I smell?)

[via Pop Candy]
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