Remember a few months back, when Karina informed us that the total costs for Superman Returns had shot up to 250 million dollars on the back of unexpectedly high CGI costs? Well, it turns out that may not be the end of the cost explosion for the hopeful blockbuster; the NY Post's Page Six column is now reporting that the budget continues to soar, and is likely to land around the 300 million mark (according to an "anonymous production source"). On the other side, a representative from Warner Brothers is denying the number, calling such a budget prediction "absolutely absurd"- as if 250 million dollars exists in the perfectly normal realm, but that extra 50 million just pushes it way over the edge into absurdity. The rep also cited the previously reported five year financing deal with Legendary.

You know, I'm enjoying this comic book films renaissance as much as the next geek...but wow. That's just a filthy lot of money for a movie about Superman. According to BOM, DC megahit Batman Beginsonly cost half that sum, and even effects-heavy comic movie king Spiderman 2 managed to swing around 200 million. Will the reward be worth the cost?

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