As Sundance kicks off, we thought we'd each list seven films we're excited about seeing – based on personal tastes, prior filmographies of the people or just random idle thoughts, and based soley on a cursory examination of the catalog. With that said, here are seven movies from this year's extensive Sundance catalog I'm excited about, even though I know there are other discoveries lying ahead as well:

The Secret Life of  Words

The last time Sarah Polley and writer-director Isabel Coixet teamed up, the end result was the astonishing My Life Without Me; I can't wait to see what they do together this time around.

The World According to Sesame Street

Examining how Children's Television Workshop makes regionally-themed muppet programming in locations as diverse – and troubled – as Kosovo, Bangladesh and South Africa, this documentary has me hooked: How can you address deeply-felt issues with, well, felt?

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