That other Jake Gyllenhaal movie, Jarhead, has somewhat unexpectedly faded into the background as awards season peaks (though it spent last weekend at the top of the British box office, so at least people are still seeing it). Universal this week is trying to correct our collective amnesia by revealing the details of a pretty nice pair of DVD releases, due out on March 7.

Though of course there is a two disc "collector's edition" coming (more on that in a second), even the single-disc version is cool enough to labeled "special," and it really is packed with features. The single disc includes a pair of commentaries (one by director Sam Mendes, and the other by the film's writers) as well as deleted scenes and new interviews, both of which also offer optional commentary tracks. The collector's edition, meanwhile, shares all the features of the single-disc release, but also includes a disc full of additional, very vague extras. If you know what "Jarhead diaries" and "Semper Fi: Life After The Corps" are, perhaps you'll be excited by their presence, and thrilled by the fact that both include introductions by people like Mendes, and the real Anthony Swofford. If, however, you're like me and are suspicious of paying a lot for features that could be pretty much anything, it might be wise to save money and just get the cheaper SE.
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