Despite the fact that it has already been made (although the original was rather short) Walden Media and the Walt Disney Co. are persisting in turning the novel Bridge to Terabithia into a new movie. The big news today is that they've cast young Josh Hutcherson (most recently of Zathura fame) to play the lead. Gabor Csupo will direct and he will begin filming later this month in New Zealand.

I hate this story, although not because I think it is poorly conceived or written. I just flat out dislike the utter sadness I'm left with at the ending. Which I suppose is a testament to the skill of the author. Please note, I'm not saying that my dislike means I am opposed to it being turned into a just means that I don't want to watch it.

On a more related note, did anyone out there see Zathura? What do you think of Josh being cast in Bridge?

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