Following in the success of their previous joint effort, the Academy Award nominated Ghost World, the creative team of director Terry Zwigoff and comics creator Daniel Clowes have reunited to bring us Art School Confidential, a movie based on the comic story of the same name. The flick sounds great so far, and you can now check out the official word at their newly launched website. ASC tells the story of a talented young artist who hopes to become the next big thing, but is disappointed when he arrives at a high profile art school only to find it populated by sensationalists and hacks. His talent is ignored and derided by the modern pseudo-artist scene.

I think Clowes' work is fantastic, and I was pleased with Zwigoff's film adaptation of Ghost World, so I'm certainly looking forward to ASC. And having Steve Buscemi in your cast list never hurts, as far as I am concerned. Also – is it just me, or is Ethan Suplee looking noticably trimmer in his post Titansyears?