Here's a quick wrap-around on the latest sequel info coming from the world of Comic Book Movies, some of it good, some of it a bit worrisome:


  • Marvel's Avi Arad has officially put the "NO" stamp onto the rumors of a direct-to-DVD Hulk  sequel film starring actor David Duchovny. Marvel is still interested in a sequel, and apparently Universal will be handling the distribution.  [via AICN]
  • Moviehole reports that there is a "good chance" of Constantine 2 happening someday. That's all they've got to say about it for now.
  • Finally, Jam reports on some Christian Bale statements which seem to indicate that he expects to begin shooting a Caped Crusader sequel within the coming year. For more details, follow the link.

Batman, I'm excited to see return. The other two...I'm a bit hesitant about. Thoughts?