Though it seems impossible, Abel Ferrara's King of New York was released more than 15 years ago. No matter how old it is, however, it remains an outrageous, hypnotic, insane piece of celluloid (those are all good things, by the way). And now Ferrara has decided it's time to return to Frank White's (Christopher Walken's) world - in the form of a prequel. The film, entitled The Last Crew, takes place in the 1970s, during the days when New York City was a dangerous, scary place. And, because somebody got some bad information, the Carter administration turns to one Frank White to clean things up, giving him a "special agreement...which essentially gives him a license to kill." AWESOME.

Though there's no word yet on a cast, I still think this is fantastic news. Sequels often suck - agreed. But they suck much less often when the original director (particularly if he's Abel Ferrara) returns to the story, and when it's obvious that the movie isn't just being seen as a guaranteed box office, regardless of quality. For that reason, then, it's great news that King of New York made only about $2.5 million on its original release. So why fund it? No idea - but I'm hoping it has something to do with a solid story and great screenplay. Hoping? No, let's make that praying.

The Last Crew will start shooting in New York in March.
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