Felicity HuffmanThe first time I saw Felicity Huffman wasn't on Sports Night. It was on a short-lived (but fun) CBS show called Raven, about a martial arts expert (Jeffrey Meek) looking for his son in Hawaii with the help of Lee Majors. She was in one of the best episodes, playing a deadly assassin. I don't know, I've always thought she was cute, even back then, in the early 90s.

She tells The Boston Globe that she was told several times in her career, "you're just not pretty enough." But she was happy that they told her that, because they always told her that her looks weren't good enough, but never said that her talent wasn't good enough. And now, with an acclaimed-movie (Transamerica), a hit TV show (Desperate Housewives) and lots of awards and nominations, she's getting the last laugh.