Apparently the Air Budseries isn't enough for the suits at the Humane Society - they want more animal movies, and they want them now! To that end, they've created Animal Content in Entertainment (ACE), a division of the organization that was founded with the express purpose of encouraging "writers, producers and directors to make movies and TV shows featuring story lines about animals." Well, sure. I mean, on some level, we all secretly long for the glory days of Lassie and Old Yeller. Don't we?

In addition to bugging filmmakers about dog movies, ACE will present itself as a sort of animal clearing house to the film industry, providing assistance ranging from fact-checking to story ideas; from script consultation to discounted stock footage. Plus, if the division expands as the Humane Society hopes, it may soon be offering large grants to independent filmmakers - of course, they have to be making animal movies. Still, though, money is money.

I wonder if ACE will have any noticeable impact in the industry. I have to admit that the thought of push for more TV shows and movies with an animal focus sounds sort of insane to me - advocating such a thing is weird by itself, but imagining that an audience exists for these films and shows is a leap not many studios seem likely to make. (And, yes, I've heard of March of the Penguins. I'm thinking that's an exception rather than a grand, new, animal-movie rule.)
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