Continuing on his quest to achieve global domination, Joss Whedon has committed to yet another major project, this time returning to the comic book scene as he once again picks up his pen to do some work on Marvel's Astonishing X-Men title. We're told that while the new story arc will run it's own course (much like the first two), Joss is paying close attention to the current "civil war" events, as well as the fallout from all that "House of M"business. This means that while Astonishing won't deal directly with these subjects, it will fit nicely into the general time frame, and will contain elements reflective of current Marvel happenings. We're also told that Joss will be working on some other (as yet secret) project within the Marvelverse; details pending sometime later. Joss himself discusses the resurrection of Colossus, and admits that the story they created to explain it away was a bit shady. There are lots more interesting details to be read- you can check them out over at CBR.


I think the most interesting thing about Whedon's return to Marvel (which he touches on himself in the interview) is the entirely different face of the Marvelverse since Joss was last writing. I still haven't decided what I think of the current events (from House of M onward), but it certainly has shaken things up quite a bit. Granted, he's dodging the major storylines, but he'll still have to confront the impact they've had on the Marvelverse in general.

[via cbr]

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