Old School, I blame you. Now, don't get me wrong - I love you very much, particularly whichever Wilson that is that stars in you. You make me laugh very, very hard, and for that I owe you many thanks. However, there have been unfortunate side effects to your brilliance and success, namely that everyone now wants to make movies about adults trying to recapture their youth. And, unfortunately, it's unlikely that many of them will achieve your level of greatness. Instead, we'll be subjected to dozens of movies about 30-something men having sex with hot college chicks and somehow learning life lessons from the experience. I know - I can't wait, either.

The latest offering in this vein is called The Divorcees, and it's just been bought on spec by Universal. The film is the result of a partnership between a guy who spent the last decade working on Wall Street and his high school buddy, who has made a career out of writing dramas - apparently, in Universal's eyes, they're comedy gold. Their movie, which will be a "hard R...broad comedy" (gee, that's a shock), is about "two guys in their early 30s whose longtime wives up and leave them. They are then forced out into the wild dating scene, trying to party and live like they did when they were bachelors." Sound familiar? Damn you, Old School! Damn you to hell.
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