Someone has made a terrible mistake  – they've leaked a partial list of this year's Sundance parties to us nerds. Since most of us on the Cinematical/Blogging Sundance team like to check into our hyperbolic chambers by 11 at the latest, we thought we'd pass this highly classified information on to you. We'll update this list daily until the Festival ends or the Party Gods strike us down (whichever comes first). Feel free to post your own party deets and gossip in the comments.

Friday Night, Jan. 20

Opening Gala Salt Lake City
Jeanne Wagner Theatre, 138 West Broadway
Salt Lake City, Utah

Starbucks Salon (curated by Gen Art)
449 Main Street

Slamdance Opening Party
Star Bar, The Night Club 268 Main St.

9:00 PM Blender Sessions at Tao (formerly Harry O's)
427 Main Street

9:30 PM – 1:00 AM
ICM Party
Premiere Lounge 573 Main St.

11:30 PM
Weinstein Co.
Lucky Number Slevin Party, Village at the Lift
825 Main St.