Today's 'comic book rights optioned by movie studio' update comes to you courtesy of the people over at Rogue Studios, who have picked up the rights to Steve Niles and Rob Zombie's Bigfoot book, published by IDW Publishing this past fall. The story is that of a foul-smelling, vile, homicidal creature that roams the Northwest. Screenwriters plan to use the novel as "a skeleton to build the feature film version and expand upon its themes." According to Niles, he and Rob teamed up for the project in an effort to "undo the damage done by movies like Harry And The Hendersons that made 'Bigfoot' a silly character."

So...any Bigfoot readers out there? I can't confess to knowing much at all about the book before finding this story- but it sounds vaguely promising. Fans, convince me that I should head down to the Connection and pick up a few issues of this sucker.

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