Dreamworks has offered the team (Ben Stiller, Rawson Marshall Thurber and Stuart Cornfeld) behind the hit comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story one million dollars for their high-concept pitch. Yes, you heard that right - one freaking million dollars...for a pitch!

While it shouldn't come as a surprise that studios are now shelling out that much money for nothing more than an idea, it definitely goes to show that ideas are worth a ton these days seeing as it's these blockbuster comedies that are saving the box office from going bye bye. Okay, I admit that, often, pitches offer a bit more than an idea. I've heard stories of writers going in with props, in costumes, in character, while hopping and bopping around the room, reciting lines as if performing a live version of their unwritten script. However, Stiller and company must have one helluva concept for Dreamworks to want it that bad.

Oh yeah, about that concept - they're keeping quiet about it right now. We do know that Thurber came up with the idea, with Stiller and Cornfeld attached to produce through their Dreamworks-based Red Hour Films. The pair is also producing the upcoming Blades of Glory; a comedy based on a pair of Olympic ice skaters as played by Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. Hmm, Dodgeball? Ice skating? I wonder if this million dollar pitch is called Archery: Do People Still Play This?

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