Kite, a short anime work by Yasuomi Umetsu, was released in 1998 to both worshipfulpraise and its share of criticism (the latter due to its intensely graphic violence and sex). The film tells the story of Sawa, a student who, after her parents are murdered, is taken in by a "slightly bent detective" who forces her into a life of deception and murder. Now, apparently not intimated by the how precious the film is to its fans, producer/director Rob Cohen has decided to produce a live-action version.

Cohen has been a fan of the film since its original release, and has already met with Umetsu to discuss the director's hopes and fears for the film - encouraging news indeed for Kite fans. Set to direct for Cohen and co-producer Anant Singh are Mexican brothers Jorge and Javier Aguilera; they will work from a script by Joshua Rubin. There no time table yet for this production, but it's a collaboration that seems well worth keeping an eye on.
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