We almost had a trailer for Alpha Dogawhile back, until it was found out and subsequently pulled offline. Millions of Justin Timberlake fans cried out in agony, left only to their copies of old N'Sync videos to hold them back. Time passes, life goes on and finally legitimate Alpha Dog footage shows up online...in the form of a crummy 35-second clip.

Almost as frustrating as watching its trailer disappear, the clip does nothing but slap us in the face. Sure, Timberlake looks uber sexy covered in tattoos, but why a clip and not a trailer? Hell, give us a teaser, a montage, a voice-over, a freaking online pop-up book - but not a clip. And a boring clip, at that. End rant.

For those of you interested in seeing some footage from the upcoming Alpha Dog (now playing at Sundance), head on over to Moviefone. C'mon, you owe us a trailer by now - cough it up.

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