If it were up to Robert Redford, whoever's bright idea it was to remakeButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid can shove their evil plans into places that may seem a bit vulgar if written on this website. While promoting the Sundance Film Festival (now running through January 29th), the Sundance Kid himself was asked about those nasty remake rumors. His reply: "I've always been a gigantic fan of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and have posters of them on my wall, so yeah - of course I'd be down!"

Okay, his real reply: ""There is no shortage of good, original ideas, and there's just no point to remakes. Why do they have to mess with things that were perfect the first time around?" Actually, the point of making them is to rake in tons of money off an already built-in audience. Hence, the recent explosion of video game and novel adaptations. But he does have a point, right?

So far there hasn't been any concrete proof that Damon and Affleck will indeed be starring in a remake, but the disgusting rumor is definitely making its way around and, ultimately, will find its way into a Q & A with one (or both) of the Good Will Hunting stars. Maybe then we'll finally get the truth...even if it may induce vomit.