I was having dinner on Main Street and struck up a conversation with an acquistions manager for a major film studio. While we were waiting for our food, we chatted about which movies we'd seen and how we liked them (he raved about Little Miss Sunshine, which he'd just seen, and felt that A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints was uneven, and that the part with the kids was better than the part with the adults, which surprised him). I asked him what buzz he'd heard and what deals were being made. He told me "half the deals have already been done, and it's the first day of the festival", that his studio would be acquiring one or two, and that Little Miss Sunshine is being acquired "right now, actually" by Paramount for "some ridiculous sum of money".

The buzz on Little Miss Sunshine has been hot, so it's not surprising that it would be acquired early on. Stay tuned, as soon as we hear there's confirmation on the deal, we'll let you know.