If you've seen either of the first twoFinal Destination flicks, you'll most likely remember the weirdly creepy morgue attendant played by actor Tony Todd. Well, Final Destination 3 is in gear now, and while said morgue attendant will not be making an appearance in the third film of the franchise, co-writer and director James Wong is pleased to annouce that Todd will have a part to play – and a unique one at that. You know how these stories play out: a group of people escape what was supposed to be their proper moment of death, and death hunts them down one by one to make things right. In round three, death was supposed to befall a group of amusement park-goers by means of a roller coaster accident. The coaster is called "Devil's Flight," and a huge devil with a creepy voice is the park's way of luring riders on board. The devil is voiced by – you guessed it – Tony Todd!

As I've admitted here before, I'm not a huge horror film buff. Mind you, I'm not opposed to them in any way – I just don't particularly enjoy them. I did see the original Final Destination (mostly by accident) and as far as these things go, I enjoyed it. It had good pacing and kept a high level of tension without feeling overly forced. I have no idea what the sequel was like, however, and thus have no idea what to expect from the continuation of the franchise. Horror fans, this is where you jump to my assistance.

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