Looking at this huge new gallery (the original site is temporarily offline because the page views overwhelmed their host, but you can see a sampling at the link below) from Basic Instinct 2, I started wondering something: who the hell is the target audience for this movie? If it had come out within a few of years of the original, the box office probably would have been huge - Sharon Stone's buzz was still pretty strong, and people who thought the original was shocking and sexy probably hadn't yet turned cynical. But now? I don't know. No one cares much any more about Stone, despite her trendy new haircuts and apparent investment in plastic surgery, and people who talk about Basic Instinct now rarely do it without a chuckle - its reputation has morph from something that's truly sexy to an example of trying too hard - it's now "sexy," rather than the real thing.

So I'm sincerely curious about who is going to see the sequel. Does Stone still have box office power? Will people just go see anything that even suggests sexuality? The movie comes out in the US at the end of March, and I can't imagine that Sony will make any money domestically off of this one. That said, I'd loved to hear it if you think otherwise. Personally, I don't think I know a single person who even knows this movie is happening, let alone is interested in spending $10 to see it.