Some of us have been waiting an eternity for Delicatessen to appear on DVD in this country. The delay seemed baffling. The other culty film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, City of Lost Children, has been available on DVD since 1999. I hoped that the success of Jeunet's more recent film, Amelie, would lead to interest in his 1991 film. But no. Miramax sat on this release (Miramax sit on a release? Perish the thought!) and about the time rumors surfaced that Jeunet was helping Miramax prepare a U.S. DVD, the Weinstein/Disney split occurred and the release seemed to be in limbo.

At last, Buena Vista has announced that the DVD will be released on May 2, although no information on extras is yet available. I saw Delicatessen in theaters when it was originally released in this country and loved every inch of its dark post-apocalyptic humor. I can't wait to buy the DVD and inflict it on other people.

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