The release of Failure to Launch, the new Sarah Jessica Parker flick that is, yes, a romantic comedy, has been delayed by Paramount. Instead of the original February 10 date, the film will now hit theaters a full month later, on March 10. So...they're moving a romantic film away from Valentine's Day? That's weird. Granted, there are a few big releases due on February 10 - the inevitably crappy The Pink Panther and the kid-friendly Curious George primary among them - but one wonders how significantly the audiences for those films overlap with the one for Failure to Launch. The new competition is pretty much a horror fest: The Hills Have Eyes and The Shaggy Dog (which, needless to say, will be frightening for very different reasons) are the main releases on March 10. The bottom line, then, is that things are less crowded in the new release window. That said, however, this move is not a vote of confidence for a flick that's already getting pretty poor early notices.

Meanwhile, in the broken record department, Idlewild has again been yanked from HBO Films' release schedule. I think I've figured it out: this movie doesn't even exist. I bet the bastards shot that awesome trailer and nothing else. Sigh.
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