First of all, be warned that there are major, major spoilers in the link below: a tipster to AICN claims to have seen a rough cut of X-Men 3, and he lays it all out in painstaking detail. Second, I'm not in a position to know if the guy actually saw the movie or not; you'll have to decide for yourselves when you read his report how plausible it is.

Now, warnings aside, if the report really is based on a screening, fans of the series and the comic might be profoundly disappointed when the film is finally released. Among other flaws, X3 reportedly has very little thematic connection to the first two films in the series, and some character traits and appearances even undergo transformations. While the plot is way too murky to possibly summarize here, the tipster has these two warnings: "FORGET WHATEVER you remember about [X-Men] and X2" and "...THIS IS STORM's movie, she is the main focus of this movie and is in about every shot." Scared yet?

In possibly better news, the report also includes a trio of pretty cool pictures of Famke Janssen as Phoenix. So, even if the movie sucks, at least she'll be badass.
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