The Filmmaker Reception at Sundance is a time honored tradition -- a chance to mingle, meet and enjoy a few on-the-go appetizers. As crudités were devoured and the little tiny meatballs went over like gangbusters, Cinematical was there to catch some well-known filmmakers ... and a few rising stars.

Finn Taylor of The Darwin Awards makes the expression all too many Darwin Award winners make as they realize too late that, yes, perhaps they shouldn't have done what they're doing.

Oscar-winning cinematographer -- and co-director of Who Needs Sleep? -- Haskell Wexler.

Jeremy Passmore and Hal Haberman, co-directors of the much-buzzed superpowers-and-seretonin flick Special.

Bearded, British, Brutal: Neil Marshall, director of much-lauded Midnight horror film The Descent.